A limiter is coming…

Hey folks,

Apologies for being rather quiet lately. It’s high time for an update! In the last couple of months, I have managed to carve out some time to work on a new plug-in, and today I would like to share a screenshot of a first work-in-progress draft. Please welcome… Wave Breaker.

Earlier this year, I asked you to fill out a survey so that I can gain a better understanding of your expectations towards a new limiter plug-in. The evaluation revealed that, from your point of view, the most important characteristic of a software limiter is its transparency. It should introduce as little distortion artefacts as possible, even at high gain reduction values. At the same time, it should be easy and intuitive to use.

Although many responses indicated a high interest in trying out a new tool, some people recommended not to waste my time as there are already great limiters in the market that would be difficult to compete against. I see your concerns, nevertheless, I decided to go that route because it was the logical next step after the success of Wave Observer and its focus on time-domain visualization of audio signals. I strongly believe that inspecting waveforms visually is – besides using your ears of course – a powerful and often underestimated tool for sound design, mixing, and mastering purposes. Adjusting the parameters of a dynamics processor is just so much easier and more fun if you have proper visual assistance.

This is what can you expect from Wave Breaker:

  • Transparency and clarity. It will offer a (considerably cheaper) alternative to existing software limiters, without any sound quality limitations.
  • It will include many limiters in one plug-in. You will be able to dynamically exchange limiter models and the number of provided models will grow over time.
  • It will be easy and fun to work with. The UI will guide you through the parameter adjustment process by highlighting the waveforms and will therefore visually inform you about the expected audible processing results.

But wait, there are still a lot of things to do. Just as with Wave Observer Pro, I would like to offer both a freeware version, as well as a paid version with more limiter models and more advanced features. Many goals have been accomplished already. However, there are still several development tasks open, including algorithms design, anti-aliasing optimization, subjective listening tests, UI work, etc. If I continue at this pace the first version of Wave Breaker could be released no earlier than in spring 2023. Please be patient.

If you like (or dislike) what I am working on, please drop me a message or leave a comment. You can still influence the plug-in architecture and design. You can also support me by becoming a patron. As a bonus, you will get access to Wave Observer Pro for just a small fee.

Stay tuned and remember to… Watch your Waves.
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