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EnveLover is a one-of-a-kind midi-controlled audio gate effect. It will speed up your musical workflow by giving you the ability to trigger a dynamics processor with midi signals. Play it with a keyboard or drum pad just like you would play any digital instrument. Versatile envelope settings and visualizations allow for accurate control of the sound.


EnveLover 1.0.3 (Windows)EnveLover 1.0.3 (macOS)EnveLover User Guide

Key features:

  • midi-controlled audio gate effect
  • sample-accurate midi processing and zero latency
  • analog and digital style envelope models
  • fine-grained control over all important envelope settings
  • support for velocity and aftertouch
  • inverse mode for dynamic gain reduction (compressor mode)
  • envelope signal visualization

No fancy bullshit. Just solid piece of software. Efficiently implemented. Useful.

Available formats:

  • Windows VST and VST3 (64 bit, requires Windows 7 or later)
  • macOS VST and VST3 and AU (64 bit, requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later)

Check the user guide for more information on how to use EnveLover. Release history can be found in the changelog.

I spent countless hours making this little plugin and I’m giving it away for free. It’s because I love you… If you like EnveLover, I will gladly accept any donation and use it as a motivation to develop more software.

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