Stereo Helper

Attention! Stereo Helper is not actively being developed and may not work properly on modern computers and recent operating systems.

Stereo under control

Can’t get that stereo mix right? Your tracks don’t sound wide enough? You’re afraid of mono compatibility? Don’t panic – Stereo Helper is here to assist you! The mixing engineer’s little friend won’t let you down and will take care of your everyday stereo processing tasks.


Key features

  • Preview mid or side channel of your stereo tracks
  • Add mid and side channel gain
  • Add depth to audio signals with a natural sounding delay effect
  • Indicate whether your input signals are mono
  • Control the stereo width
  • Check for mono compatibility
  • Panning, phase inversion, left/right swap

Available formats

  • Windows VST and VST3 (64 bit, requires Windows 7 or later)
  • MacOS AU, VST and VST3 (64 bit, requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later, not prepared for Catalina and above)

Release history can be found in the changelog.