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Wave Observer

Monitoring plug-in for time-domain audio analysis.

Watch your waves.

Wave Observer Pro

The Pro version of the monitoring plug-in for time-domain audio analysis.

Watch your waves.

Latest News

  • Wave Observer Pro v1.7.0: Welcome Threshold Indicator
    Wave Observer Pro has been updated to version 1.7.0. The exciting new feature is the threshold indicator which allows you to quickly assess whether audio signals exceed a certain threshold level. In contrast to traditional clip indicators typically found on level meters the threshold indicator shows you the exact point in time when the event […]
  • Split View
    By popular demand, I have implemented a new view mode for Wave Observer called split view. Left and right channels can be separated vertically and inspected individually without having to turn off the respective other channel. This feature was kind of overdue because many users regard it as the standard view for stereo signals. It […]
  • Help!… Keyboard shortcuts added in v1.4.0
    There was a pretty annoying situation when using Wave Observer Pro 1.3.0 in Zen mode. You were not able to change the scope duration and vertical zoom without leaving Zen mode and navigating to the scope settings tab. Here comes the rescue! Welcome Keyboard Shortcuts! You can now control your favourite oscilloscope plug-in without using […]