July 2021 update: Tabs and Zen Mode

Hey folks,

In terms of features, Wave Observer is still in its infancy. My goal is to make it the first choice when it comes to time-domain audio analysis. An important preparatory step for this is to enable various options and parameter controls without introducing too much clutter in the UI. Hence, I have been working on adding tabs which will show different controls depending on the tab selection.

At the same time, I wanted to take the opportunity of the required redesign to start the implementation of a feature that was requested by some users: A view mode which would only show the oscilloscope without wasting “screen real estate” for knobs, sliders etc. I will call it the zen mode (as it will allow you to concentrate on the real nature of sound…).

Tabs and zen mode are already partly implemented. I made two sketches for demonstration of how Wave Observer Pro will roughly look like. Some things still need to be decided:

  • Is freeze/scroll enabled in zen mode?
  • If yes, where to put the freeze control?
  • How will the transition between tabs look like? I started by fading between tabs, but perhaps sliding would look nicer.
  • Does the current tab selection need to persist when closing the UI / the DAW?
  • Switching between normal mode and zen mode changes the aspect ratio of the oscilloscope. Should the vertical zoom be automatically changed as well?

Some of these questions can only be answered by obtaining user feedback, so be prepared for multiple iterations.

Watch your waves.

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