The next chapter for Wave Observer

Hey Observers,

It’s time to unveil the next exciting phase in the development of Wave Observer. I’m gearing up for a major release update of the Pro version and there are some significant changes on the horizon. As well as introducing a number of features, the next release will see a change in the licensing model, with an online store taking over some aspects from Patreon. I’ll still be using Patreon, but it won’t be the exclusive platform for selling the digital product. Read on for the details…

New Features

Wave Observer Pro 2.0 will bring a number of exciting features, including:

Selection and analysis
Custom theme colour
AAX support
Continuous scaling

Online Store

For Patrons, the primary benefit currently offered is a download link to Wave Observer Pro. Patreon has played a crucial role in kick-starting my business in the world of audio plug-ins and generating revuenue over the past year. However, the subscription-based model has been somewhat unconventional, with many users expressing a preference for more traditional ways to obtain the plug-in. Unlike those in fields like music, art, podcasting or journalism, I can’t consistently deliver content that justifies a monthly subscription. At the same time, it’s unfair that if you’ve supported me for a long time, you can’t download updated versions of the software after cancelling your subscription.

Wave Observer Pro 2.0 will use a conventional plug-in licensing model. The plug-in interface will ask you for an activation code, which can be purchased from an online store. The good news is that you can download updated versions of the software and use them with the same activation code, so there is no need to re-subscribe. You can use Wave Observer Pro forever at no additional cost. The bad news is that it will cost you more than one month of Patronage.

What about Patreon?

You can still support my work on Patreon! I’m going to restructure the current membership levels, as it’s clear that 99% of users have opted for the lowest level, with no additional benefits at the other levels. I’m going to make the subscription more affordable, and in the long run I plan to introduce additional perks, such as tutorial videos. Before the official release, I’ll provide discount codes for existing Patrons to make the transition fair for everyone.

Remember, there’s no fixed release date yet! So if you want Wave Observer Pro now, Patreon remains the only option. You can subscribe for just one month, download the current version, cancel immediately and wait for version 2.0. Of course you can extend your subscription if you would like to continue your support.

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