Wave Observer Pro 2 is here – 50% discount on Patreon (expired!)

Dear Observers,

I am very pleased to announce the release of Wave Observer Pro 2! The new version of the monitoring plug-in comes with several new features and improvements, as well as a new licensing model.

Some of the new highlights include a selection and analysis feature, custom theme colors, and AAX support. In addition, the new version includes several performance and UI improvements, as well as a number of bug fixes.

Previously, you had to subscribe to my Patreon page to download Wave Observer Pro. This is no longer the case. From now on, you can download the plug-in from my website and activate it with a license key from my online store.

Update: The offer has expired!

The regular price of Wave Observer Pro is 30 EUR / 30 USD. For a limited time, until May 10th, I am offering a 50% discount to all Patreon subscribers. The deal is simple. Just subscribe to my Patreon page at any of the existing tiers (starting at 5 EUR / 6 USD) and get access to a 50% off coupon code to use at checkout. You can cancel your Patreon subscription immediately (or switch to the free membership), so you will only be charged for one month of patronage. In total, you can save about 30% off the regular price.

Once you have the discount coupon code, enter it during checkout as shown in the following image

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