Third place at KVR Developer Challenge 🎉🎉🎉

I am very happy to announce that Wave Breaker, my new limiter plug-in, has won the third place in the KVR Developer Challenge! Thank you all for your invaluable support. You can read the official announcement here:—winners-announced.

If you have not yet tried the plug-in, please feel free to do so -> download at

Please forgive me that the user manual is not finished yet. This will definitely be my next task. You can already access it at, but currently there is only an introduction.

The mission does not end here! Although Wave Breaker is fully functional and (if you ask me) already sounds great, there are still a number of features in the pipeline. Most importantly, I will be working on more advanced limiter models that will be able to analyze audio signals in a more sophisticated way and automatically (intelligently) adjust the internal limiter parameters to achieve even better results. Other features such as channel linking or multi-channel support (Wave Breaker is currently stereo only) are also in my backlog. Finally, Wave Observer (your favorite oscilloscope plug-in that has not been updated for far too long) will also benefit from the current development efforts.

As with Wave Observer, I plan to release a PRO version at some point. This time, however, it will not be a subscription-based access, but a more traditional “pay-for-licence-to-unlock” approach. More news to follow…

Please drop me a line if you would like to give me feedback or request a specific feature. I take all user requests seriously.

Cheers Peat

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